Affordable Editorial Excellence

Publishing house quality at an independent price.

For Standard Copy Editing I charge a penny a word ($0.01/word).*

If you’re interested in the Enhanced Editing stylistic suggestions, minor rewriting of sentences, and fact checking, the fee starts at a penny and three-quarters a word ($0.0175/word).*

Alternative pricing may be proposed for manuscripts that require more work than usual, have more demanding turnaround times, or have other special requirements.

Don’t be fooled by my low rates; sometimes you can get more than you pay for! Read the testimonials from my clients, and you’ll see what I mean.

I require half my fee to start, the remainder on delivery.

Payment by check or Popmoney bank-to-bank transfer is preferred for American clients; Paypal is also accepted. Paypal is easiest for international clients.

*The above rates apply to fiction by a native English speaker.  Nonfiction and translated works will incur slightly higher fees.